So, who are we and what are looking to achieve?

About Jobscribe

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all have biases, it is just human nature. Some biases are entirely harmless (everybody has a favourite mug for coffee, right?), others less so. At Jobscribe, we believe that bias has no place in the recruitment process, so have developed this site in order to eliminate selection bias wherever we can.

By creating a Jobscribe profile, employers will only be able to search and view a candidate’s profile based on what matters – their skills and experience. Only when an employer has decided that they are interested in a candidate, will they have access to any personal data. Because of this, there will be no indicators, in the early stages, of race; gender; age or any other criteria that may invoke a biased reaction.

As we work and gather feedback, we will add new features to the site in order to take the de-biased features as far as we can.

Clients will only be given access to the full profile and contact details of a candidate once that candidate has given specific consent to that employer, empowering candidates to decide who sees their data and letting employers know that the people they are attempting to get in contact with have already shown an interest in working with them. We think it is a win-win really.