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FAQ About Jobscribe

Why the Fox?

So, a lot of people have been asking about the relevance of the fox in our logo; ok, not a lot, but enough to make it worth addressing:

  1. Dan likes foxes. When he was a kid in East London, a fox would regularly visit his garden, even when there were people in it. His name was Cedric.
  2. Our colour scheme is orange, foxes are orange.
  3. Foxes are known for being clever and finding a smart way to do things, we think that Jobscribe is the same.
  4. Mr Fox was fantastic…
  5. Our tech vendor thought Basil Brush was real when he was a kid, and he also loves foxes. BOOM, BOOM!
Can you help me find work?
We are not a recrutier ourselves, but the employers and recruiters who use our site will find you work and if you have any complaints about their service if you use Jobscribe then let us know.
Are we a recruitment agency?
No, we are a job board and candidate CV provider to UK employers and recruiters. You register with us ad then pick which jobs you want to apply for and who gets your CV.
Can my employer see my profile?
No, you choose which employers you reveal your identity to, all employers see is a generic profile until given permission by the job seeker to engage further. In addition, via your dashboard, you can choose which companies to block entirely, so they won't even see your basic details, meaning you won't have to reject any approaches from them.

Do I have to pay?
No, our standard service is free to jobseekers and if any employer or recruitment agency asks you to pay a fee for anything please report this to us.

That said, we may add some optional premium services at a later date which you can choose to pay for if you wish.
Do you work with recruiters?
Yes we work with recruiters and employers.
Where is my data kept?
Our tech vendor is based in the UK and the server we store data on for Jobscribe is in Germany with an award winning and GDPR compliant co-location company.
Is my data safe?

Yes, only you choose who to share your data with via the platform, and you can track the sharing of that data.

We do not sell data to any third party or share your data with any third party.

If I close my account will you remove my data?
Yes, our systems forget your data upon request.
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