We believe in a fairer recruitment process.

Whether conscious or not, everybody has biases which can affect their decision making and, where possible, we would like to remove them from candidate selection and recruitment. As such, we have developed this site in order for your profile to be selected purely on your skills and experience, by allowing you to create an anonymised profile. This means that any potential employer only sees what you have to offer in terms of ability.

Through not showing your name, your gender will not be revealed and, in some cases, this will also hide your ethnic origin. 

We will only ask you to complete an employment history for the last five years, therefore putting everybody on an even-footing with regard to age profiling.

Your skills are just that, your skills; there is nothing identifiable with regard to discrimination with those.

When creating your personal bio, keep it purely about you as a professional, avoid including data that may reveal any protected characteristics.

Yes, at some point, you will have to meet with the potential employer (or at the very least send your CV), however, by that stage, they will already have developed an interest in you and you will have a foot in the door and, if it isn't a saying already, "a foot in the door is the first step to your new job" may just become our new mantra.

Be smarter. Follow the Fox.

What people are saying about us

Website Developer

Really is great to see someone tackle diversity in a proper way, the ambitions of Jobscribe are very cool and I am sure it will be a success for all
Darren Revell, RecruiterWEB

Managing Director

This is an excellent idea, it is refreshing to see somebody trying to change the way that recruitment is done. I believe strongly about fairer selection and Jobscribe delivers this.
Hana Dickinson, The Bridge & County Wire

CEO & Keynote Speaker

I am always a fan of innovative ways to creating a more equal playing field for talent.
Riham Satti, MeVitae

Managing Director

Having a cost-effective way to post unlimited job ads is perfect for us. Thank you Jobscribe!
Chris Worthington, VetFinders

Marketing & Communications Manager

Having the opportunity to have a company profile page and share our news and blogs is a fantastic addition to a job board.
Helen Davies, Futurepump

Head of Security

Roxy, Jobscribe

MD & Non-Exec Director

Forward thinking organisations are actively striving to create diverse workplace cultures, because they know the benefits are significant to their organisational or business success. The challenge is where do you find this diverse talent? I think, The Fox can help, as it is a valuable tool for hiring managers, job searchers and recruiters. Diversity is at the heart of the Jobscribe design strategy and why people, and companies like mine start our searches here.
Sue Liburd MBE DL, Sage Blue, Abstract UK & The Intern Group

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