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Why use Jobscribe?
Why use us?

We think because...

1) We are cost-effective - for only £480+VAT for a 12-month subscription, you can post as many jobs and search/download as many profiles as you wish. No paying per advert (or using a free post and having your advert lost), meaning that if you have many requirements per year, you are still just paying the one fee. Similarly, if you have a job that doesn't quite get the candidates you were looking for, try reworking the advert and post it again to see if that helps.
On the candidate searching side, you can search and contact as many candidates as you need, so no worrying about buying more credits or being charged per-candidate.

2) We are Google for Jobs optimised - all the ads that you post on our site have the coding built in to enable them to be picked up by Google for Jobs, allowing them the opportunity to appear in that little blue box at the top of Google searches related to jobs.

3) De-biasing; it's the future - we have designed Jobscribe with the specific goal of assisting organisations to de-bias their recruitment processes. With our anonymous candidate profiles, you can (at least at the first stage) select candidates based purely on their skills and experience, meaning you can select the best talent fit for interview without the risk of biases influencing any decisions. Whether conscious or un-conscious, we all have biases that can affect our decisions; Jobscribe hopes to go some way of eliminating those from recruitment.

4) We offer more - we are not just a regular job board where you pop your jobs up and search some CVs, we want to help you get further exposure for your business. Whether it is the company directory page that you get as standard in your subscription, or an upgraded micro-site (coming soon), you can talk about who you are as a business and why you are such a good place to work. Additionally, we want all our clients to have a voice on the site, so invite you to submit any blogs or vlogs that you may have, and we will review them and potentially post in our news sections.

5) Less time-wasters - ever found what looked like the perfect candidate on a CV database and spent ages trying to get hold of them, only to find out that they weren't interested in what you have to offer? Yeah, us too! With Jobscribe, if you find an initial profile that you are interested in, you have to ask that candidate (at the click of a button) to reveal their full details to you. Therefore, if they approve your approach, you know that they are pre-qualified in wanting to speak to you.

6) Employed candidates - as a candidate, one of the big issues with traditional CV databases, is that once you have uploaded your CV, every company who uses that database can see that you are looking for work, risking your current employer seeing if you are still in a job. With our profile design, the candidate can hide their identity until they have approved an approach from an employer. This means that potential candidates who are currently employed are more likely to register a profile with us, giving you more options to fill your vacancy. This is potentially an even bigger benefit if you are recruiting in the HR/recruitment industry, as these are the profiles that are traditionally more likely to be found by colleagues.

Not enough for you? Have something else that would convince us to use you? Then contact us let us know what you need, and we will see if we can help.
What does it cost?
The standard subscription is £40 per month (billed annually) which gives you full access to post job ads and search profiles as well as having your directory page and the offer to be a guest contributor to our news sections.

We can and will offer additional services outside of the standard package which will incur additional costs, such as being a featured employer, or sponsoring a mailshot. If you are interested in additional services, drop us a line and we will contact you to discuss options.

Please note that all prices are subject to VAT.
How many ads can I have?
How many do you need?

As long as your subscription is active and fully paid up, you can post as many adverts as you want. Have a position that can be located anywhere in the UK? Post an ad in every location. Not had much response from an intial advert? Post it again and play around with the wording, at no extra cost.

It really is that straightforward and open, we don't believe there is any reason to charge extra for more adverts. With great power comes great responsibility though; don't post ads that you don't really need, candidates will soon realise and stop applying.
How many profiles can I search?
As with the job ads, there is no limit. Search to your heart's content... or at least until you fill your vacancy.
Is there a limit to what I can download?

As long as you have an active subscription and the candidates that you are approaching accept your approach, you can download as many profiles as you need.
How do I pay?
We asked the Fox this question and got the simple answer 'cash'. Obviously, we can't actually take cash payments, so we have come up with another plan.

If you go to our subsciption page and send us a request, we will contact you, discuss what kind of subscription you are looking for and send you an invoice. Once payment has been received, we will activate your account and you will have the freedom of the Jobscribe goodies.
Are you a recruitment agency?
No, we are a job board and candidate profile provider, just with some differences to the others. 
What if I have an issue with the system?
Although we aim to get everything right, we do understand that, every now and then, something may go awry. Rest assured, we are here to help!

If you have any issues at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will see what we can do to fix your issue. Likewise, if there is a feature that you would like to see added to Jobscribe, let us know and we will see if it is viable to add in an update.

The Jobscribe that you see today is not the one that will always be here. Much in the way that we are looking to evolve the way that recruitment is conducted, we will also evolve to make ourselves better.
Are you GDPR compliant?

By very design, any identifying candidate data that is released to clients, is done so after the candidate has given express consent for this to occur. Our whole philosophy is about protecting candidates, be that from bias or from their data falling in to the hands of people that they would rather it didn't fall in to.

All of our data is stored on secure servers within the EU, so the storage is fully covered robust by GDPR standards.

We do not store CVs on our site (candidates will send these directly to potential employers), as such, we minimise the amount of identifiable data that we hold.

For more detail on the types of data we hold, and how we process/control it, please view our privacy policy. All policies wil be reviewed regularly.

Yes, we are a business, but we are also people and fully understand how important personal data can be. We will always do all that we can to treat your data as if it were our own.
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