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Here, at Jobscribe, we are more than just a job posting site, we want to help all our clients wherever we can, whether that be just giving you a further page about your business, or letting you shout about what you are doing via our blogs.

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We all know that recruitment is more than just numbers, but we equally have nothing against the odd statistic here and there. See our current numbers to the right.

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So, who are we?

1. "Go big or go home" they say, so we are going big with our ambitions and seeking to be the prefered jobs posting vendor and talent data provider in the UK in our first 10 years.

2. To achieve our ambitions of 'going big', we aim to offer a cost-effective, one-stop shop for companies who are looking for top talent whilst allowing top talent to find the right employer.

3. Whether we like to admit it or not, we all have biases, it is human nature. Our aim is, as far as possible, to remove the opportunities for those biases to show during the recruitment and selection process.

4. To be more than 'just another job board'. We want our employers and jobseekers to have a voice and, as such, openly invite members of the Jobscribe community to contribute to the site, talking about their news and views.

5. "Work smarter, not harder" has become somewhat of a cliche, however, we are determined to find new, smarter ways to get excellent candidates into rewarding new positions. Remember - Be smarter. Follow the Fox.
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We are a job board; a site where companies can post vacancy alerts or search for candidates and where those jobseekers can find vacancies - in a nutshell, that covers it, however, we are more than that.

Here at Jobscribe HQ, we want to do things differently and aim to improve the way that companies hire (at least in the early stages). We offer the ability to carry out the first stages of your selection process blind to any of the protected characteristics, allowing you to reduce the risk of bias and shortlist based on skills.

Additionally, we care about what you have to say, so provide you with a profile page to talk about what a great place you are to work as well as offering you the opportunity to shout about your news as one of our guest bloggers.

Sound expensive I hear you say... no, we offer full access and unlimited job postings/profile searches for a simple, low-cost subscription model.
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We have partnered and formed relationships with other people and organisations within relevant sectors of the UK business world. Whether they can offer further ways for you to reduce bias, or other services and advice, there should be a way for them to help you out.
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Do you have something that you believe our visitors (employer or candidate) would benefit from or just enjoy reading? Whether you have a blog that relates or just some news that you want us to help you tell the world about, we want to hear from you.

We are not interested in being the only people speaking via our site, so whatever story you want to share, get in touch and we will see where we can help you to get the word out, as long as it adds some value of course.
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What people are saying about us

Website Developer

Really is great to see someone tackle diversity in a proper way, the ambitions of Jobscribe are very cool and I am sure it will be a success for all
Darren Revell, RecruiterWEB

Managing Director

This is an excellent idea, it is refreshing to see somebody trying to change the way that recruitment is done. I believe strongly about fairer selection and Jobscribe delivers this.
Hana Dickinson, The Bridge & County Wire

CEO & Keynote Speaker

I am always a fan of innovative ways to creating a more equal playing field for talent.
Riham Satti, MeVitae

Managing Director

Having a cost-effective way to post unlimited job ads is perfect for us. Thank you Jobscribe!
Chris Worthington, VetFinders

Marketing & Communications Manager

Having the opportunity to have a company profile page and share our news and blogs is a fantastic addition to a job board.
Helen Davies, Futurepump

MD & Non-Exec Director

Forward thinking organisations are actively striving to create diverse workplace cultures, because they know the benefits are significant to their organisational or business success. The challenge is where do you find this diverse talent? I think, The Fox can help, as it is a valuable tool for hiring managers, job searchers and recruiters. Diversity is at the heart of the Jobscribe design strategy and why people, and companies like mine start our searches here.
Sue Liburd MBE DL, Sage Blue, Abstract UK & The Intern Group

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